Thursday, January 25, 2007

Renewable energy funding.

Federal lab for renewable energy

The NY Times article complains that the federal lab for renewable energy doesn't receive enough funding.

Some people think that science can perform any miracle, and if you throw at it enough money (preferably other people's money, like federal funds) it will produce anything you may wish.

It ain't so. There are physical restrictions. There are those pesky laws of nature.

Maybe some completely new and unexpected renewable, nonpolluting and cheap energy sources (like John Galt's motor) will be discovered in the future. The chances are slim, and the chances it will happen in the Federal Lab - slimmer still.

The Energy department projects that renewable energy will not be available in significant amounts until 2030. I would hazard the prediction that they will not be available even in 2060.
Get used to the idea and stop dreaming.

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