Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Global Warming explained

Global Warming was caused by the end of the Cold war.

Friday, June 1, 2007

How much Global Warming

Here is a short summary of what I think so far about global warming:

The question of man caused global warming, as I see it is as follows:
- Man burns fossil fuels and releases CO2 into the atmosphere, the concentration of CO2 has gone from 280 ppm ( 0.028%) to 380 ppm (0.038%).
- CO2 is a grenhouse gas, and causes some warming.
These are facts. (almost undisputed).

The question is HOW MUCH warming.

The answer - as far as measurable facts are concerned, i.e. the warming so far: 2/3 of a degree Celsius. No big deal.

As to the future - there are several possible answers; we (science) don't know which is true:

1. A minuscule amount, that is indiscernible in the general natural climate variation (like what happened so far).

2. A small (but discernible) amount - a couple of degrees or so. This is what the (worthless) climate models show. This is what the IPCC report says. This is what (dubious) science tells us. This warming has positive and negative effects, and the negative ones are small, we can easily adapt.

3. Catastrophic warming. For this to happen a warming runaway feedback loop has to take hold. Of this there is absolutely no scientific indication.

So the alarmist view, of a catastrophic warming is based on nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, except irrational fear. The alarmists themselves concede this point: there is no scientific indication of a warming feedback loop. It is just a vague possibility, it is in theory possible, but there is absolutely no indication that it is happening.

Would it be desirable to reduce CO2 emissions? Yes. (Would it be desirable to eliminate poverty? Yes.) Is it possible? No. (in both cases).