Monday, September 3, 2007


A big headline in the NYT proclaims: California heat wave causes blackouts.
That is as usual partly correct and part spin. What is correct is that there are blackouts.
What causes the blackouts is NOT the heat wave, but the lack of sufficient power, or a sufficient reserve of power, to take care of the peak demand during hot days.
Why is there a dearth of power ? Because the greens oppose to the building of new power stations.
For example: "We should ban the construction of any new conventional coal power plant, period. "
That's standard green policy, adopted by California's "green" Governor, the power terminator.

No new power plants mean blackouts as sure as 2+2=4.

I'm afraid that blackouts is something we need to adapt to, and live with, as they will become more and more frequent. They are the real world consequences of unrealistic agitation and green propaganda. There is no "green" energy there are only green blackouts.