Friday, August 24, 2007

Joseph Romm, modern scientist

Joseph Romm is a Ph.D in physics from M.I.T. "Dr. Joseph Romm is a leading expert on hydrogen, fuel cells, and advanced transportation technologies."

Here is a link to Joseph Romm's bio. Here is a link to his blog.

Read the bio and you will see a frequent theme: Joseph Romm has made a big career in ideologically motivated activism, has written tons of words (for the environment), has published tons of books and articles.

Has he invented any useful device ? Is he doing any scientific work ? Any tangible, physical gadget? Any real solution ? Has he worked in some team that produced tangible solutions? Has he advanced theoretical knowledge ?
Nope, just public relations and ideological advocacy. (Also government administration jobs). He has produced words, words, words.

Words matter, writing is a respectable profession. But for a scientist, for a Ph.D. holder in physics from M.I.T. this is disappointing. But this is typical of today's "scientists".

The truth is - real scientists, real, ground breaking, scientists and engineers are a very rare breed. Most of the people calling themselves "scientists" and parading impressive titles are nothing of the sort.

(If he has produced something useful besides words I apologize. It wasn't mentioned in his bio.)

Cap and trade five year plan

  1. The “cap and trade” scheme is just like the old Soviet five year economic plan.

    Greens (aka lefties) have a firm belief that is government applies just enough coercive power, anything can be made to work. But in the real world, some things work, and some don’t. The five year plan didn’t.

    The cap-and-trade scheme adopted by Europe is a scam, has produced exactly zero reduction in CO2, and just hampers the economy for no benefit at all.

    When will they learn the futility of “good intentioned” giant social engineering schemes, backed up by force ? They are blinded by ideology, in real life it won’t work.

    Besides, when blackouts become frequent because greens are hindering the building of new power plants that really supply power (not renewable green feel-good), the public, the voters will kick them out. There is no way you can make people suffer blackouts just for “the future generations” (false) meme.

  2. Greens hate oil, and coal, and and hinder the production of it, and building of new power plants or refineries. (it’s for the planet and the grandchildren).

    They believe in some mysterious notion of “green energy” that just does not exist. They believe that if people are forced to sit in the dark (because of blackouts) they’ll go out and invent green energy. They believe that by using brute force you can make people invent anything.

  3. Stop believing in fairies. There is no green energy. And there is no life without energy.