Saturday, July 28, 2007

A complete list of things caused by global warming

Here is a complete list of things caused by global warming

This AGW thing is a very interesting phenomenon: mass madness on a gigantic scale. A madness not unheard of in human history - maybe like witch hunting.

A moderately rational person who studies the matter finds out very fast that:
1. AGW, while possible, is far from being highly probable. That 90% probability assigned to it in the IPCC is nonsense. Even if it exists it's probably not big quantitatively.
2. The doomsday predictions are based on absolutely nothing. Just hunches, irrational fears and sensationalism.
3. There is nothing that can be done to reduce CO2 emissions short of killing off a few billion people. That is: nothing beyond what will happen naturally - let human ingenuity find solutions and adapt.

After reading some stuff I was mainly impressed by the unscientific approach of many alarmist scientists. They write like people on a crusade, not like scientists.